Pet Accommodation Price
Rabbits Single £5 Per Night
2 in same cage £7.50
3 in same cage £9
House Rabbit Single £6.50
2 sharing £10
Guinea pigs Single £3 per night
2 in same cage £4
3 in same cage £5
Hamsters, mice and gerbils Single £2 per night
2 in same cage £3
3 in same cage £3.50
Where possible we do recommend that you bring your own cage, as small pets are more settled in their own surroundings.
Chickens 1-4 in the same coop £5 per night
5-10 in the same coop £7.50
5-12 in two coops £10
There is an additional charge of £2 per night per hutch, cage or coop from 23rd December until 2nd January.
Please note that there are so many small animals, so if your pet is not listed please contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements. We will try and help everyone in any way we can.

Terms and conditions


Only animals in good health will be accepted unless an on going illness has been discussed prior to arrival.
Rabbits must have up to date vaccination against Myxomatosis and VHD. This needs to have been completed two weeks before arrival. Vaccination cards will need to be seen.
Chickens must have been treated for worms and mites and also vaccinated.
If your pet were to suddenly be unwell we would seek veterinary care on your behalf, registered to your name and address. Contact would be made before any treatment was administered if possible. All pets are left at their owner’s own risk and we take no responsibility for illness or sudden death of any animals left in our care.


A non-refundable deposit of 25% of total bill is payable upon booking. We will hold your accommodation for 10 working days in order for the deposit and booking form to be received. The full balance is due before or on the day of arrival. Payments can be made by, cash, Pay Pal, online or cheque. Please note cheques must be sent in 10 days before arrival in order for it to clear. We charge per night, not per day. So that arrival and departure times can be arranged to suit everyone.

Abandoned Pets

If a pet has not been collected on the date of departure and contact has not been made. After 7 days we will have no choice but to re home the animal and cost of additional stay and re homing will be charged to your self.

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