Our Cattery

Brand new for 2015 are our individual Cattery pens.

We love the fact that the cats will feel happy and secure in their own chalets with wonderful views of the surrounding fields. They are able to see their neighbours from a distance so they will not feel alone but far enough away that they do not feel threatened in any way.

All the chalets are insulated and heated during the colder months and have plenty of shaded areas for the cats to relax during the hotter months. The cat pens have been designed with our English weather in mind. We have external clear Perspex windows that we put up of we have rain so that the cats can always happily sit outside their bedroom quarters and watch the world go by in total comfort.

If you would like to come and view our Cattery then please just ask and I would happily show you round.

Cattery prices

1 Single Cat £6.50 per night
2 Cats Sharing £9 per night
3 Cats Sharing £11.50 per night

The cattery

The cattery

The cattery

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