Our Accommodation

We have a mobile home in the garden that offers a great space for our boarding animals. It’s bright and spacious with heating for the winter months and air conditioning for those hotter summer months. Most importantly it’s very safe and secure. Of course we believe “a hutch is not enough” so all the animals are exercised daily in our lovely outdoor runs that have all weather living areas attached for shelter from the sun/rain or just a quiet afternoon nap. Keeping the animals stimulated throughout their stay is also a priority with a variety of tunnels and toys for them to explore. When the weather outside is particularly bad, your pet will have the chance to roam free inside the mobile home and interact with us.

What to expect for your pet

  • Cages, hutches and coops tidied daily with thorough clean-out twice weekly.
  • Fresh water, fruit, hay, food and an occasional treat everyday.
  • Playtime daily in one of our spacious out door runs.
  • All cages, hutches and coops are thoroughly disinfected between every animals stay.
  • We do offer our own dried food but if you wish to bring yours so that we don’t upset your home routine and your pets delicate tummy that is perfectly fine.
  • If your pet is on medication this can be administered during their stay as long as we have discussed prior to his/her arrival.
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